Leila Helena Grillo - a chimerical invention who was brought into this corporeal world at the turn of the 21st century - is a multimedia artist voyaging through and between the reality of her home in Los Angeles, California to her reveries and unreality elsewhere. In a cold December of 2018, Leila journeyed to Italy after longing for a far-reaching remolding of herself; once there, her life underwent a profound sea-change. Her reservoir of work is spent on the emphatic musing and dwelling on her experience there and within herself.
Grillo is an ongoing memory project, basing many of her photographs, writings, and sounds on limerence,  natural wonders, and passages of recollection that draw from the archive of her sensory faculties.  Aside from the conceptual, Grillo collaborates with artists of all genres including, but not limited to, musical and photographic endeavors. She currently continues realizing a full body of multimedia works in Los Angeles.
- Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Parsons The New School, New York, New York. June 2017
- Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Department of Education Building. Washington D.C., August 2017
- Barnsdall Art Center Permanent Collection. Los Angeles, CA
- Expressing Feelings Through Art Contest (painting). Art Center College of Design. Los Angeles, CA, 2016
- ONART Gallery Firenze. "Elusive" Video installation. Florence, Italy. April 2019
- Artdoc Magazine.  "Analogue Renaissance" Online exhibition. September 2020. https://www.artdoc.photo/online-exhibition/analogue-renaissance
- Scholastic Art and Writing Awards 2017 Catalogue
- Best Teen Writing of 2017 for Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
- L’Oeil De La Photographie (Eye Of Photography): Portfolio Of The Weekend. Paris, France. September 2019. https://loeildelaphotographie.com/en/leila-grillo-en/
- FotoBook Monthly: Issue #07. Tas-Sliema, Malta. July 2020. https://fotobookmonthly.com/07/
- Nea Magazine: Milan, Italy. UNDERGROUND NOSTOS. Ottobre 15, 2020. https://www.neamagazine.it/fotografia/underground-nostos/
- Two national gold medals for photography in the 2017 Scholastic Art and Writing Awards
- Honorable Mention in Expressing Feelings Through Art Contest (painting) 2016
- Studio Arts College International – Florence, Italy 2019
- University for the Creative Arts (UCA). Farnham, UK. 2021

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