Rabbit Yard
Rabbit Yard is an art and literary collection - both unconditionally true and absurdly fictitious - by Leila Helena Grillo revolving around the concepts of memory, dreams, and everything in between. Separated into four parts, or "movements", in the form of a full musical symphony - Prelude, Interlude, Swan Song, and Reprise - Leila reflects on childhood, the manic mind, and the universal, as well as personal, actions involved in bathing in the soup of recollection. The readers take the positions of an elegantly twisted theater audience absorbed in the ceaseless absurdities and beauties of rumination.
Includes black and white photographs, short narratives, and poetry.
Paperback-bound book. Spanning 146 pages long with a matte polished cover and 55# milky cream paper.
Al Mare Da Sola 
(To The Sea Alone)
A photography book
Paris at night alone. Cigarettes growing from the ground. Thirty mile walks in the rain. Come ride along on my experience traveling in solitude in Europe with my camera, some spare change, and my beating heart to keep me company.
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