While sailing through the sea of my memory, I find mistakes, holes, pieces missing and gone astray; these photographs are those absences and defects drifting in that realm of recollection. Through the use of expired 35mm film, perishing polaroids, and experimentation in the darkroom, the images offer a gaze into remnants of what once was, fragments of people and tangible materials, and leftovers of a life long past. The pictures are visual representations of the mind when voyaging along that sea composed of unending waves that mark time. I see false colors and edges of the recollections frayed and faded. I perceive faces that are no longer faces but only unfilled spaces, images overlaying onto of each other. Sometimes I can only make out the vestiges and traces of places, people, and things. The act of peering into memory can be illusive, distorted, melancholic, but also incredibly beautiful and rhapsodic.
Brief memories in a lost house. Milan, Florence, Volterra, Los Angeles. 2016 - 2019.
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